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Architectural Visualisation

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The Architectural Visualisation Market

Architectural Visualisation has now become a physical asset to an architectural firm, used as a tool to help deliver their visionary designs and communicate effectively with developers and contractors.

With current market trends demanding architecturally sound buildings for urban living in congested spaces, greener buildings that conforms to sustainable built environments, robust structures that stands out in any weather condition, together with demands for generating unique designs that stands out from its environment can be quite a challenging task for architects.

With UK’s architectural market still enjoying strong growth, 3D Architectural Visualisation tools are a great way of effectively communicating and staying competitive in the market. The architect’s market says that;

  • Almost 60% of British architects saw their sales increasing during Q3 of 2013
  • The architect sector was expected to grow 2% this year, and will grow 1% more in 2014 and 2015.
  • Building volumes are estimated at 764 billion euro in 2014 and 775 billion euro in 2015.

        [Source: Arch-Vision  Quarterly European Architectural Barometer report]

The Visualiser team pushes the boundaries of Architectural Visualisation with the very latest hardware and software, to create photo-realistic images of buildings and landscapes at any stage of the planning and design process to assist clients in winning business.

The Benefits

  • Acts as an extended design tool: CGIs and photomontages can be changed and manipulated to visualise best effects. Clients can be presented with digital options of using different material, designs and views for a single project.
  • Creates moods and assists customer decision: CGI visuals can be changed between a winter morning and an autumn evening creating mood a realistic envisioned area of the project. The ability show actual textures and colours as a part of the virtual image, contributes to final customer buying decisions.
  • AVRs or verified views: The Visualiser is well known for its AVR work, which are now commonly used for planning application submissions due to the highly accurate output of the final building.
  • Clear communication: 3D rendered models provide accurate information about the building and its structure from any angle. This makes the task of communicating with builders, engineers and customers easy.
  • Clearly envisioned space: The Visualiser also creates animated walk-throughs to showcase the building layout and help customers to get a realistic feel of the interior and exterior of the building or landscape.
  • Neighbourhood impact: The building itself is difficult to visualise completely through 2D drawings. 3D model and CGIs are generated from various angles to see its impact and effects on the surrounding environment.
  •  Avoid design flaws: 3D modelling services are offered as a part if the 3D visualisation service to avoid design flaws and highlight appropriate solutions before construction begins.
  • Marketing tool: Architectural CGIs are used to market the property ahead of completion brining financial benefits to architect firms and their clients.


JMarchitects, London

Thank you for your assistance on our project. The speed you were able to work at, in particular a week before the final planning submission when the client requested an additional CGI, was much appreciated as it turned an impossible task into a realistic one. The quality of your CGIs are excellent …".

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