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Interior Design Visualisation

Power-up Your Designs Through Photorealistic Visuals…

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Interior Design Visualisation

The Visualiser assists Interior Designers to bring their unique and creative designs to life through photorealistic 3D visualisation. The ability to display in detail, fabrics, furniture, flooring and visually showcase clever combination of material such as wood, steel, marble with special lighting, truly adds to the realistic vision of the designer and is the most convenient way to display the interior designer’s intended vision  to clients.

The Benefits

  • Competitions and pitching: Interior design visuals are a key tool for pitching for new projects.
  • Effective communication: 3D visuals assist in communicating with suppliers and contractors on the exact materials to be in their designs.
  • Saves cost: CGIs can assist in making multiple modifications to an image in advance, resulting in significant savings in terms of time, materials and economic resources for clients.
  • Adds virtual value: Interior designers are able to add value to a potential client property by showcase how their designs can contribute to the look and feel of the entire building or site and showcasing the careful selection of materials such as woods, marbles, plastics, crystals, liquid simulation, reflective, shiny, smooth and rough surfaces to enhance the interior.
  • Create ambience and mood: Using light and shading effects are a key part of 3D visualisation and making interiors look amazing. Our advanced technology allows for careful rendering to create the mood an ambience desired by your audiences.
  • Identify design flaws: 3D visualisation enable owners to see design flaws before interiors are built, saving time and cost.
  • Marketing and sales promotion: In most instances, the visual impact of an interior is what sells a property. 3D visuals that are photo-realistic are used for marketing and promotion.
  • Build portfolio: 3D visuals allows for Interior designer to gather portfolios of work to showcase the designer’s individualistic style of design.
  • Animated walk-throughs of interiors and exteriors of properties allows to further convince audiences of design flow of large spaces and properties.
  • Panoramic views can showcase intricate details of the interior design from a full 360 degree angle.


EADL commissioned the services of The Visualiser to develop a competition proposal for a prestigious five star hotel group. The Visualiser in tandem with us developed the design and the visuals in a very tight two week programme.

The visuals were greatly received by our client and we were successful in being awarded the contract. A great presentation! We look forward to working with The Visualiser in the future and would not hesitate in recommending them and their services".

[EADL is an Interior Architecture and Design Firm For The International Hospitality Industry in London]


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