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Marketing Visualisation

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words …

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Marketing Visualisation

3D Marketing Visualisation is used by architects, building developers and marketing agencies to showcase and market unbuilt or newly created spaces.  When  marketing an unbuild product to audiences, and when there is no real product to market such as an unbuilt property, an image of the envisaged product becomes the critical starting point in a buyer’s journey and a key marketing tool for the seller. 

As far as customers are concerned, an unbuilt house or an empty room is a blank canvas and the best method for customer to judge a new building or an interior is to see it finished and furnished. Marketing agencies and show home companies understands the importance of marketing new homes through CGIs to attract prospective buyers, and investors.

Panoramic or virtual tour offers marketers and organisations a creative way to market to prospective buyers through a 360 degree view of the room. Sound, music or professionally written scripts can be added. 

The Visualiser’s Computer Generated Images (CGIs) help marketing and promotion in the industry with a photographic evidence.


The Benefits

  • Improve curb appeal through stunning, high-resolution, photo-realistic visuals to be used on billboards, banners and print media.
  • Launch effective marketing campaigns through visually stunning images to attract buyers.
  • Draw buyer attention by create enticing images with lighting and mood.
  • Increase sales from marketing through highlighting function use of rooms to match home buyer expectations.
  • Effective presentation: Showcase the proposed building project with day/night visual impact and effects on neighbourhood for higher appeal of entire building schemes.
  • Gain public buy-in through visuals that represent true urban living which during public consultations for large urban development or town centre projects.
  • Reduce costs: Cleverly position any type of furniture or props to enhance the use of space being marketed without additional cost of buying physical props.
  • Increase profits: Increase chances for winning bids, competitions and tenders to increase business profitability.
  • Increase sales: Panoramas can be used on marketing websites to increase online viewings and increase sales. This offers clients a digital view of properties under construction or in the process of completion.



EADL have commissioned the services of The Visualiser developing a competition proposal for a prestigious 5 star hotel group.

The visuals were greatly received by our client and we were successful in being awarded the contract. A great presentation! ...".

[EADl is an interior architecture and design firm for the international hospitality industry in London]

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