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Planning Visualisation

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The Planning Visualisation Market

Planning Visualisation is a key tool used in the buildings and housing markets; especially in Europe and the UK where there is major focus and much discussion at present about the housing crisis.

Planners have become an important aspect of this debate, where there is a challenge for creating schemes that not only serves the entire city and its urban population but also considers the environmental impact, abides by strict legislation and guidelines set out by planning authorities and councils.

According to the RTPI’s large scale housing development report in September 2013, planners need to bring together a large range of interests and factors between developers and planners to solve the housing crisis, and it becomes much more about simply building house, and becomes more about creating successful places and communities in which people want to live in.

This makes planning visualisations and 3D models  effective tools in showcasing the visual impact of plans on the community. 

The Visualiser uses the latest 3D software to produce  AVR or Verified Views, photomontages, CGIs, animation and 3D models to aid Planning Officers at an early stage of a build project.

The Visualiser works according to the Environmental Impact Assessment EIA.

The Benefits

  • Communication and project management: 3D models of the plan assists in communicating effectively with architects, community and third parties and contributes to a more smother project management process.
  • Supports pre-application stages: computer images (CGIs) generated with high accuracy and photorealistic vision paints a believable picture of the project. It uses actual building material, weather impact, entire neighbourhoods, highway safety, sufficient landscaping and human traffic flows to show the realistic impact on the communal environment after the site has been built. This assists in maintaining high standards of the pre-application engagement with the planning official and aids planning consultations with local authorities. 
  • Public presentation: Planning visuals, 3D models and animation also becomes an important tool to use in public participation meetings.
  • Reduces planning constraints: CGIs can be used to show how planning constraints can be reduced such as flood risks, contaminated land, maintain Tree Preservation Orders (TPO), listed building and conservation areas.
  • Aids complex planning: for large sites/schemes and complex planning applications that may impact on neighbouring properties in terms of loss of sunlight and daylight, 3D visuals becomes especially useful in highlighting that such issues are already address in your plan.
  • Gain customer buy-in: skilful editing of the proposed site image highlighting mood and feel of community living, assist in effective presentations to the council, business groups, neighbourhood groups, and professionals.
  • Convince investors and stakeholders: Flythrough animation and stunning visualisations can showcase evidence of impact and vision of the entire project more realistically, to cement stakeholder permission and win investors for the planned project.

Speed-up Planning Permission Approvals

with Verified Views or AVRs that complies with planning legislation