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Architectural CGI

Architectural CGI - Computer Generated Images

When producing CGIs, traditional drawings, sketches, CAD drawings and photos can be used to communicate the initial design which is then imported into our latest version of modelling software to create the base 3D architectural model. Specific materials and props are then added to and draft images are sent for agreeing final view points, before creating high resolution renders. Final images are fine tuned in Photoshop to create a photorealistic effect before final images are submitted to client.

Interior CGIs

The Visualiser’s interior CGI creates photorealistic 3D visuals of interiors showcasing intricate details of materials and furniture and structure. Interior CGIs are used by building and housing developers for creating images of unbuilt houses in order to finance and sell them even before they are built.

Interior CGIs are an interior designer’s tool for creating a work portfolio, entering competitions and for creating a unique brand identity of their business. It is the core marketing tool that sells and speaks volumes about their creative style and vision in the industry.

Exterior CGIs

Exterior CGIs are images of the exterior of buildings or sites and also highlights the visual impact on surrounding areas and neighbourhoods. They can be used for developer, landscape or town centre projects to showcase the urban and communal benefits of the project.

The Visualiser uses seasonal CGIs such as summer and winter days or day and night moods to create realistic imagery to gain group approvals and entices various audiences and stakeholders.

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